Hardware Solutions

RAMT takes you to the next dimension of Web performance.

We are experts in providing wide range of hardware and networking solutions for all kinds of businesses. Our hardware and networking solutions ensures maintenance of your entire computer network. Our hardware solutions cater the office workstations to business critical servers such that all our systems are procured using branded, quality components that are supplied with warranty.

Our team of highly skilled professionals are experienced in almost all hardware solutions and operating systems like Windows 8, SQL Server, Windows Vista, Linux and many more. Along with this, we are also specialized in supply of monitors, printers and other peripherals of brands like Compaq, HP, ACER, DELL, Wipro, Zenith & PCS. Moreover, we are also leading provider of Peripheral products like Line Matrix Printers, Dot Matrix Printers, Laser printers, storage and backup solutions and lot more.

Additionally, our other hardware solutions include HP, Samsung & Cannon peripherals like Inkjet printers, Laser printers & Plotters; networking equipment viz. Gradlite, D-Link & CISCO and other networking solutions viz. Microsoft Operating Systems & Application Tools, Oracle Products, SCO, UNIX and SUN Software. Furthermore, we also offer other hardware solutions like Modem, LAN Card, Wireless LAN & other Networking Products.

So, if you are searching for hardware and networking support for your business, we are the perfect choice.