Our strength

RAMT takes you to the next dimension of Web performance.

Our strength lies in our employees. We do not have employee owner relationship. We strictly follow open door policy and every employee’s opinion counts. We believe happy employee makes happy customer. Compare to other big companies out there, we placed ourselves in one of the highest ranking organizations who always take care of their employee. Our employees are our family and we stand by them.


At RAMT, the first step is to understand the client/customer’s enterprise and their requirement, the complexities of the business processes, operations and priorities. This helps us to offer solutions that provide business value and are tailor-made for specific business needs.


RAMT has been chosen as the preferred agency to design, deliver and manage the Web-Based Solutions of a very large number of clients that include Government, Educational, Corporates, Hotels and others. Their continued trust on our ability makes us the intelligent choice.

Apart from our total commitment to our customer, the following is what sets us apart:


We are an IT Solution Company with work experience of nearly 4 years (as on 19 January 2016) in the relevant fields. The Company has developed more than 100 websites and also have good experience in Web Based Software Development, Website Designing, Data Digitization & Processing and other IT enabled services.

Focus on Client

Our first step is to LISTEN and that is what makes us best in our industry. We take every step to understand our clients’ requirements, and to find solutions that meet them or exceed.


Our dedicated team of skilled software testers, QA Lab, provides a full range of quality assurance services (QA), including software quality testing, test planning, test execution, reporting and control of software development processes.

On-Time Delivery

Our experience in our field, our expert programmers, testing team, and effective project management, help us to implement and deliver our projects on time. We have received excellent evaluations from our clients for on-time delivery, meeting correct functionality and usability.

Implementation and Operational Support

RAMT believes in building a relationship where customers perceive they have been given more in attention than they expected. Our Customers are “touched” positively by the service, and remember the experience when the time comes to buy or recommend again. We provide you with an e-mail address PRI line and dedicated mobile numbers as telephone support. Our maximum response time is 24 hours during the week, but we usually respond to our customers immediately.

Beyond normal working hours, customers need someone to help them when they need it. For these kind of solutions nothing can beat web-based support system. Customers, who are comfortable with computers will prefer going to a website at their convenience and get the solution there.

Our Team

The quality and zest of our team set us apart. It is our HR policy to hire and retain only the highest quality people who fit with our open and client-focused culture and values. Our team is committed to our clients’ projects and their growth. We also nurture personal growth for our team by creating a challenging environment with opportunities that helps them to learn and develop to become leaders of tomorrow.

Intermediate training program are organised for skill development, latest technologies, project management, customer care and back office operations


We guarantee a high degree of confidentiality and security in every project. All clients’ information remains strictly confidential. RAMT never discloses any client information under any unauthorized circumstances.


We have developed an effective software development process which ensures the high quality of service and successful delivery to our global clients. All processes are well documented, institutionalized and evaluated, ensuring that we become more effective and efficient with each project we work on.

Continuous Improvement

We have regular training in key development technologies, software engineering practices, management methods, QA standards, R&D on new technology products, continually evaluating our own processes and methodology, mentoring tech leads to meet the requirements for changing technology and improving team capabilities. At RAMT we aim at providing our customers quality service levels.