RAMT takes you to the next dimension of Web performance.

The Web has brought the world into the future, beginning from having a presence on it to run global business through it.

The pioneers, who saw the opportunity, modelled their activities accordingly and set down the right course for Web-Based Solution and are now moving on to the next frontier–taking up huge volumes of database to a new defined destination and data analytics.

Rudra Abhishek Mahabuddhi Technology Private Limited Indian Company, launched operations in 19 Jan 2016, when the Internet had just knocked on Indian doors. The Company aimed at expanding access to individuals and entities to a nascent Web through Website Designing and subsequently, delivering solutions for outstanding Web Based Software Development & Implementation. The other services include Data Digitization, Database Compilation and Management and Data Analysing; with a quality that always exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Since then, RAMT has come a long way. It is now a leading ITeS Provider with a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals dedicated to provide total IT solutions ‘System Integrators and Implementers’ under one roof.Equipped with latest technology and knowledge, it now creates and delivers highly user-friendly and effective customized solutions to clients around the world.